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We at TOSG, were quick to comprehend the need for programs that allowed flexibility and freedom along with the intensive learning required of an aspiring creative professional. We bring TOSG HYBRID program to you. 

In an era of global commerce, international creative education will continue to be an attractive pathway for professional growth. We anticipate a rise in such opportunities as the world workspace gets even more connected through the world wide web. 

Technology converts scarcity into abundance.

Our new TOSG HYBRID programs are based on the strong foundation of our mothership - THE ONE SCHOOL GOA.





TOSG (The One School Goa) is India’s premier creative media school based in Goa, India.

It was founded by the legendary Photographer and  Ad filmmaker Shantanu Sheorey in 2013. Starting with an initial offering of its most sought Integrated Photography and Digital Filmmaking programs. It now offers a bouquet of

multi -disciplinary creative courses that resonate with the global professional direction and evolution.


TOSG has always been at the forefront of setting benchmarks in the creative education space. Scores of our students are now engaged as independent professionals or working with reputed organisations around the globe.


Our credo We don’t teach, we let you learn, has made us what we are today. This approach has helped our students unleash their latent creative potential while grooming them into thinking professionals.  


Quality learning has no shortcuts and hence our mentorship based learning pedagogy leaves no grounds for assumptions and you go through a Know (Research) - Learn -Apply -Learn cycle.


At the end of the module, you end up with high ownership of your learning and experience built on a solid foundation.


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