What is a Hybrid learning program ?

  • Hybrid program is a BLENDED LEARNING program, which blends a VIRTUAL classroom with ONLINE studies.
  • It is like a pressure cooker situation - a lot can be achieved in a shorter time.
  • Flexibility of learning and practicing is what characterises the Hybrid way of learning.
  • Hybrid learning is the future of knowledge transfer - from scarcity to abundance.

What is a VIRTUAL classroom ?

  • It is the VIRTUAL presence (not physical) of a teacher or instructor in your private surroundings, without the student having to travel and attend a physical classroom.
  • This is done through video calling, through which you can have live instructions and conversion with your instructor / mentor.
  • The major advantage of a VIRTUAL classroom is, the instructor, like the students, does not have to be on campus to conduct classes.
  • This opens up the possibilities of inviting vibrant instructors from all over, without anyone having to travel.

What is the difference between Hybrid and Online programs ?

  • Hybrid programs allow active interaction with students through live lectures, feedback and the option to visit the campus for hands-on-learning experience.
  • Most online programs follow a passive delivery module with rigid teaching objectives.
  • Online is a lot more impersonal.
  • The discipline of attending pre-scheduled Hybrid classes, helps develop work ethics and time-management skills.

What is the difference between Hybrid and full time on CAMPUS programs ?

  • Both methods of learning have their own advantages.
  • Full-time on campus program follows a 5 day week schedule and has its own advantages - a wider variety of subjects and the privilege of one-on-one mentoring. All this leads to a higher level of learning and proficiency as a professional.
  • Full-time on campus program allows you to use the studio and other facilities as well.
  • Hybrid programs are designed for flexibility for those who cannot attend full-time programs either because of time or work commitment and other responsibility. Yet, they wish to accomplish their goals by engaging in self-learning and collective mentorship.
  • Apart from the flexibility, the biggest advantage of the Hybrid learning is, a lot of COST and TIME saving.

What curriculum will be used and who will teach the blended learning program ?

  • The curriculum offered by TOSG Hybrid is especially curated to be taught VIRTUALLY and ONLINE by THE ONE SCHOOL GOA, which has established itself as a leading creative media school. www.tosg.in
  • The program will be taught by the faculties of TOSG (not by just any outsourced teachers).
  • Our faculties are practicing professionals who understand the evolving trends in the creative and commercial field.

How much time do I need to dedicate to complete this program ?

  • Creative field is driven by passion and passion demands commitment of time to implement and practice what you learn. The more you practice the better you become.
  • Apart from the fixed schedule to attend the lectures, you will need to make time to complete a given assignment and incorporate feedback etc to benefit from the program.

Do I get a certificate at the end of the program ?

  • Yes, you will get a CERTIFICATE and CREDITS after completion of the program.
  • Your creative journey may not stop with this program. You may at a later date, wish to further hone your skills by joining any of the programs offered by TOSG on-campus. Your certificate entitles you to credits or privileges while seeking admission to on-campus courses.

Will there be exams ?

  • There are no exams in its traditional sense. You are expected to focus on improving day-by-day, assignment by assignment.
  • However, you will be required to complete assignments and projects to get a CERTIFICATE.
  • Do remember, however, learning is more important than certificates, the assignments and projects are designed to help your learning process and improve your creative skills and help you BUILD A STRONG PORTFOLIO (which is eventually stronger than a certificate).

What happens if I cannot attend a lecture ?

  • While we encourage everyone not to skip or miss lectures / presentations.
  • The lectures and presentations will be recorded and will be available on our Learning Management System for a limited period, to be viewed by students who missed the lecture or for those who wish to watch it again for better understanding.

What happens if I cannot submit my assignment in time ?

  • If you miss the deadline to submit your assignment, it will not be considered eligible for online reviews and feedback sessions.
  • It is in your interest that you complete and submit your assignments on time as it will help you develop discipline and strong work ethics in professional life.

Can I visit the campus during the program ?

  • You will be entitled to visit our campus in Goa on completion of the modules laid out in the curriculum.
  • The duration of the visit and the deliverables are mentioned in our curriculum. However, it is not compulsory to visit the campus to be entitled to earn a certificate.

Is there a fixed curriculum and where can I get it from ?

  • Yes there is. You can automatically download the detailed curriculum after you register on this site.

Can I pay the fees in instalments ? ​

  • The fees have to be paid upfront.
  • However, you can opt for EMI if your card provider gives the option to do so.
  • We are in the process of tying up with various payment gateways to give options for payment of the fee for your convenience.

What are Artist Talks ?

  • TOSG invites leading contemporary artists / PHOTOGRAPHERS to share stories behind their work and provide insight into their varied practices and process with the students. Students are encouraged to attend them as it helps them expand their creative quotient.

I’m 40 years old. Can I enrol at TOSG Hybrid ?

Of course you can ! Anyone with a hunger for knowledge and PASSION for creativity, qualifies to enrol for the TOSG Hybrid programs.

In which languages are the courses taught ?

  • The courses are conducted in English. You should have the basic knowledge of English.
  • However, most of our faculties speak Hindi as well. So you may interact with them in Hindi if you are not fluent in English.

What equipment will I need to attend the program ?

  • Minimum equipment list is mentioned under each subject page as - ‘PREREQUISITES’.

What will be the duration of the classes ?

  • All classes - i.e. lectures, presentations and demos will be about one hour long.
  • The class is broken up into three segments - Introduction • Presentation or Lecture • Q&A

How much technical and creative knowledge should one have to attend this program ?

  • All our programs are to enhance your creative thinking processes.
  • As technology has democratised and dematerialised the learning processes, the greatest equipment you posses is you vision, which is what we address and help you enhance.
  • Once again we reiterate, that all you need is the hunger to learn and passion to create. EVERYTHING ELSE IS EASY !

How does the NO Cost EMI work?

No Cost EMI enables you to purchase our programs and break your payment up into 3 or 6 equal installments, at no additional charge. The interest component of your EMI will be covered by TOSG Hybrid. You can see more details of EMI and payment option on our payment gateway.